CG Portfolio

Here are some of the CG projects we created for customers in various fields. Most of them are 3D animations, but we have also worked on stills, VR projects and 3D printing.

Spell On Me

Spell On Me allows you to create your own customized bracelet online. We developed 3D graphic tools that make this customization possible.

Batibouw 2013 animation

Derbigum asked us to present several of their products in a visual way. We first imagined the perfect house, where all these products could be showcased, then we created an animation virtual tour of this house.

Noavista - Service description video

Noavista provides technical services for the use of augmented reality on tablets. To give an accurate idea of their product’s capabilities, we created an animation summarizing all the features of their services.


Exype offers you to experience the sensations of driving a racing car in their realistic dynamic simulator. We created various 3D visuals to support their communication needs.

Optical fibre surface

Laser-induced engineering of gold nanoparticles on the optical fibre surface

Body care and anti-aging products animations

Amoobi - Service description video

Amoobi offers retailers tools to analyse and improve customer flow inside their stores. For Amoobi, we created an animation that presents the possibilities of their systems. As these systems are very technical, we first focused our efforts on identifying key messages, in order to make the animation as self-explanatory as possible.

WSL Labs inauguration

WSL is the Walloon incubator for engineering sciences. They host "The Lab", a meeting place for partners and project owners in the fields of micro-electronics, micro-systems and software engineering. They asked us to show what “The Lab” building would look like during the press conference held for the foundation stone laying ceremony.